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Dandelion Benefits: Liver Cleanse and Detox is Just the Beginning

Dandelion is in most liver tonics due to its oils, the bitter resins that stimulate the digestive system. The fiber in the whole plant is described as viscous because of its astonishing ability to absorb and transport toxins from the bowels out of the body, balance intestinal flora, and soothe the digestive tract in the process.

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Making Honey into Wine: Mead for Herbalists

Mead, strictly speaking, is made with honey, water, and yeast. Nothing more. It’s a fabulously medicinal and Divinely Delicious medicine in its own right. Truly, I could write a book just on the virtues of Mead, as have many enthusiasts and experts already done. Mead combines the medicinal properties of Honey, which are plentiful, with the gut-friendly medicine of fermentation. A glass a day of mead can help improve digestive health and prevent a wide variety of digestive complaints.

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Kombucha Howto: Fermented Home Remedies for Herbalists

It’s come to my attention recently that many folks don’t know what Kombucha is. I was shocked, but upon reflecting over the past decade since I first began drinking it I realized that it wasn’t until I moved out to Eugene, Hippy-Capital of the World, that I discovered this amazing fermentation.

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Garden by Constitution: Planting for Your Family

Gardens, like diet and exercise, are all highly individual. They need to be. What’s worked so well for my friend, Master Gardener Sue Sierralupe, for instance, seems to fail miserably for me even though her techniques are proven and so many of them are super easy. Why? Because she gardens in a way that matches her personality, physicality, and energy. She’s naturally matched her garden to her constitution, and it works brilliantly!

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Goji berry Energetic Properties

Goji Berry, Wolfberry, Lycii, Energetic Properties

Goji Berry is one of those little dried fruits that pops up as popular every few years among the herbal and health crowds for a while, then it fades into the background until it’s needed once again. There’s loads of good reasons for that, not the least of which is that Goji Berry is a Yin-Building herb.

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