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Our mission is to inspire connections between People and Plants through education and creative exploration of the Herbal world. We cover topics that fall within the scope of modern herbal practice; witchcraft, alchemy and Wiccan practice; homesteading and small-scale farming; preserving and using plants for food and medicine,;animal husbandry and home pet-care; and historical use of and connection to plants by humans. We seek experts who can write about, educate on, or speak about topics falling into these areas based both on their personal experience and their research and prior education.

We accept proposals for articles. We do not accept unsolicited articles. If you’d like to make a proposal, ensure your work meets the following standards:

  • The topic falls into the scope of our mission.
  • You have personal experience relating to the topic you’ve chosen
    Your research and education qualify you to write on the topic you’ve chosen and you can provide ample references from credible sources to back your assertions or points.
  • Your work will not include links to affiliates or organizations for your own or their profit; we do not support links to sources designed purely for profit.
  • You subject matter is appropriate for a general reading audience, including those who are under the age of 18.
  • You have never published or publicly expressed views that would be considered deeply offensive to persons of minority status.
  • You have not been convicted of Hate Crimes and your work does not contain, support, or link to any such sentiment.
  • You are comfortable writing between 1000 and 2000 words that meet the basic use of the English language as outlined in the Chicago Manual of Style.
  • The proposed article is not published elsewhere.
  • You understand that any article we accept will become the sole property of The Practical Herbalist and cannot be published elsewhere.

Before you submit your article proposal, read our Tips for Article Proposals.

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