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The Herbal Nerd Society is a members-only group of people who love The Plants. We’re dedicated to living the Herbal Lifestyle, including knowing how to share our passion for Herbalism with others intelligently.

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If you want to know all there is to know about Plant Medicine.


If you love to learn from many approaches then pick the stuff that works for you.


If you want to apply the info you’ve learned to actual real life.


If your first thought when ever trouble arises is “Put an Herb on it.”

Cancer and Mushrooms Mythbusting

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If you’ve heard the show, you know what it’s all about. Join the Herbal Nerd Society, and you can request topics or guests for the show knowing we’ll do our best to deliver.

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And more! Articles for the Herbal Nerd Society are written with you in mind, the Herbal Nerd who loves to Geek-out over the beauty and power of The Plants. 

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Have you wished you could request a summit, one on the topic you’re most interested in, with experts you trust? As an Herbal Nerd Society Member, you can do just that!

Side-effects of being an Herbal Nerd:

You get to learn about Herbs through many modalities. Check out the Herbal Nerd Society Menu! There’re articles on Plant Chemistry, Essential Oils, Formulation, Practical Herbalism, Energetics. We’ve got loads of articles plus videos and the Let’s Talk series where we asked the experts to teach us about a variety of short topics. You’ll be surprised at how in-depth we get, all in readable, bite-sized chunks of info that make learning about The Plants easy and inspiring.

Was there something you didn’t see? Herbal Nerd Society Members have an exclusive email address they can use to make sure Candace and Patrick don’t miss their requests. The Herbs in Action Summit: COVID and Beyond was a direct result of requests and concerns Herbal Nerd Society members had just as the COVID-19 virus hit pandemic levels. As an Herbal Nerd Society member, your requests for members-only content and for public content get our attention first, so we’ll be doing our best to ensure you get what you really want.

You’ll be supporting everything we do – Real Herbalism Radio, The Practical Herbalist, and Herbs in Action Summits, to name a few. We’re passionate about The Plants, and we sure are please you are, too!

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Danielle C.

Thank you for nourishing our minds while teaching us how to nourish our minds, bodies & the earth all in synchronicity. 


Thank you for all the valuable and eminently practical information you provide. It is important that people learn simple, sustainable and effective strategies to take care of their health .

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