We accept unsolicited proposals for contributions to The Practical Herbalist’s public articles. We do not accept unsolicited articles. If you’d like to make a proposal, review our Guidelines for Proposals to ensure your work meets our requirements first. We receive a lot of proposals, so it may take some time before we get back to you on yours.

Tips for Sending us a Proposal:

  • Review our Guidelines and abide by them.
  • Write your proposal in an email addressed to Editor@thepracticalherbalist.com.
  • Include information on your background and credentials in your proposal.
  • Include links to at least two of your published works (see Guidelines for requirements).
  • Describe in one paragraph the article or topic you’d like to write for us. Include your whys: why that topic? why are you the best one to write about it?
  • Do not include more than one article or topic proposal per email.
  • Do include your contact information, including postal address, telephone number for voice and for text, email, and at least one social media contact.

Again, be aware that we receive many proposals each week. It may take us some time to get to reviewing yours. If you did not abide by our Guidelines for Article Proposals or have ignored the Tips above, we will not respond to your proposal.