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Real Herbalism Radio is a labor of love. We, The Practical Herbalist team, take time from our busy daily lives each week to offer our listeners some of the wisdom and insights we have into the herbal world. The generous donations and contributions of our sponsors give us a great deal of support both financially and inspirationally. We’re thankful for this group of amazing, generous businesses and people for their help in making Real Herbalism Radio a reality.

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Real Herbalism Radio reaches out to people who are interested in herbs, herbalism, and the herbal world. It connects them with Real Herbalists, Plant Medicine Makers, and Botanical Experts of many sorts. A sponsorship for Real Herbalism Radio supports us in making those connections between real people and helps connect you with our audience, too.

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We love our listeners, and we truly appreciate your support. The Herbal Nerd Society is the perfect place to offer your support and make your voice heard. Through the society, you’ll have access to our protected articles, you’ll get a special email address you can use to share your thoughts and inspirations or requests for topics we might cover, and you’ll be offering your financial support to help us continue to make Real Herbalism Radio and The Practical Herbalist a reality.

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