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Real Herbalism Radio is our weekly podcast on all things herbal: Plant Medicine, Traditional and Modern Herbal practice, Botanical Healing Practices, Gardening and Growing Your Own Medicine, Herbal Remedies and their Use and Preparation, Homesteading and many other topics related to living the Herbal Lifestyle. We invite you to join us at the kitchen table for great conversation and a peak into the world of Real Herbalism as it’s lived by today’s experts, nitty-gritty and Practical.

Today’s Hosts:

Candace Hunter is a self-trained herbalist and artist with a long history of writing and learning. Her passion for getting to the heart of the matter and her insightful observations help her make connections sometimes in the least expected ways. Her knack for finding magic in daily life can turn any journey into an epic experience, making each podcast an adventure.

Patrick Hunter is a graphic designer with an un-disclosed number of decades of experience under his belt. He’s got the heart of a Grizzly Bear and the outlook of a Viking. Valhalla has nothing better than his sense of humor and passionate approach to life. Truly, spending time with Patrick is like dropping by a modern mead hall.

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