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We engage in Affiliate Marketing as one way to support our work. What that means is some of the links you’ll find in our articles will take you to the websites for our affiliates. If you choose to make a purchase after following one of those links, the affiliate business will pay us a small percentage of the sale. You will not be asked to pay a higher sum than you would have had you found them or the products you bought some other way.

In essence, they are paying us a small referral commission for connecting you with them. This fee is only applicable when you select one of our links and then make your purchase; if you click a link other than those on our site or you open a new browser window or access the affiliate’s site by other means, we will not be credited with the sale and thus will not receive a referral commission. If you use one of our links to access their site and then buy products other than the one we linked to, we will still get credited with the sale as long as you use the same window and browser session you opened when you followed our link.

We heartily thank all of you who choose to follow any of our affiliate links and make purchases. In doing so, you’re helping us keep doing what we do best…Connect People to Plants through Practical and Fun articles, podcasts, videos, and books. Thank you!

Our Affiliates Include:

  • Bookshop.org – They support independent booksellers and are our favorite way to purchase new and used books online!
  • Amazon.com – They are the world’s largest online retailer and the home of our Practical Herbalist Press kindle books.

Links on our site to any of our Affiliates (listed above) are always affiliate links. If you follow a link, such as a book title link, to a site other than one of our listed affiliates, it is not an affiliate link. We’ve labeled these where practical to be clear, but not all affiliate links are labeled.

Other Affiliate Marketing We Use

Besides Affiliate Marketing using links in the content on our site, we occasionally work with  Herbal Affiliates to help connect our audience with their programs. As with the linking style of affiliates, we get a small percentage of all sales credited to us so long as you make your purchase after you’ve clicked our link and before you’ve clicked links from other sources or closed the browser window or session that opened when you clicked our link.

When we work with these types of Herbal Affiliate programs, we make sure to let you know that the link we’re providing is an affiliate link. Often, these are short campaigns for programs, courses, or books that we mention in social media posts, in our newsletter or other emails we send, and that are found in ads on our site.

Our Herbal Affiliates include:

Other Advertising Programs We Use

We reserve ad space on The Practical Herbalist and in some of our podcasts and videos for other advertisers. Generally, these are not affiliate programs. We are paid for the advertising directly or through programs like Google Ads and similar programs that pay us for click-throughs which they monitor. A few of our ads are connected to our Herbal Affiliates. When you see an ad for any of the Herbal Affiliates (listed above), they may have paid us for the advertising space or we may receive a small commission when you use the link in that ad to make a purchase. On videos and podcasts, we try to be clear and explicit when we are advertising for an Herbal Affiliate.

Our Promise Regarding Affiliates and Herbal Affiliates

We only promote products and services we have tried through our Affiliate and Herbal Affiliate links and advertising; we will never suggest a product or service we have not tried is good or useful if we haven’t actually tried it ourselves. This means that if we say we think an Herbal Affiliate’s program is a good one it’s because we’ve actually tried it out and found it to be so. This holds true for all affiliate links we use on our site. That does not hold true for all of the ads on our site.

We do not and will not publish paid-for posts, articles, audio or video materials on our site or in our podcasts or video channels. We take our commitment to being a credible and trustworthy source for information on Herbs, Herbalism, Plant Medicines, and related practices seriously.

If you’d like to Advertise With Us…

Patrick is our Ad Sales Manager. He’s the guy to talk to about advertising on The Practical Herbalist, Real Herbalism Radio, or becoming one of our Affiliates or Herbal Affiliates. You can reach him through the form below.


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