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Candace and Patrick discuss some of the challenges of re-integrating into regular life after recovering from Burnout. Challenges in changing lifestyle and attitudes were at the core of their chat. They covered a few herbs that’re useful for sticking to the choices that’ll help you avoid burnout again.

Candace and Patrick

Candace and Patrick have been working with natural approaches to health for  a collective fifty years or more. They have long relied on plants and herbal home remedies to support them as they work through change, including rebalancing their lives and managing exhaustion. They connect with plant-based living and herbal medicines to care for family, friends, and community daily. Although it’s not always easy, they believe in making each choice a healthy one and finding fun in the journey. They’re both successful entrepreneurs, herbalists, artists, parents and urban farmers/gardeners quite happy to share their herbal knowledge with their listeners and readers.

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