Rosemary has enjoyed a whole lot of cultural popularity through the ages, too. European culture is replete with Rosemary references, and not just the Shakespearean sort, either. While Rosemary isn’t a modern-day super-star herb like LavenderElderberry, and Dandelion, many of us are quite familiar with the pungent, bitter, pineyness of this temperate shrub.

Who hasn’t made at least a recipe or two using Rosemary? The last time you tossed Rosemary into your food, did you realize that Rosemary’s addition to that recipe was, in all likelihood, intended to warm your digestive system, giving your liver and circulatory system a boost of energy to help you assimilate all those nutrients?

Rosemary has been included in our food, medicine, housekeepinggardening, and spiritual practices for centuries. Modern-day herbalists draw on Rosemary to:

  • Improve digestion and support healthy Liver function
  • Support the circulatory system and heart health
  • Improve memory throughout life and assist with elder Memory care
  • Heal bruises, swellings, and other topical injuries
  • Ease grief, lift depression, soothe anxiety
  • Punctuate and warm Spiritual Ceremonies and support Meditative practices

Learn more about Rosemary, Making Rosemary Herbal Remedies, and Using Rosemary Essential Oil with these curated resources.

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