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Blueberry Myth and Magic: Magical Properties and History

Blueberries and Bilberries come from the same family, the Vaccinium family, making them relatives of other famous berries like the Cranberry, Lingonberry, and Huckleberry. They're a family that's spread through out the world, making their homes in virtually all the climates Mother Earth has to offer. So what makes Blueberry specifically special?



Myth and Magic of Tea: Camellia sinensis History, Folklore, Magic

Our relationship reaches back long before we humans began writing. Tea has touched the shores of every continent in the world, and managed to stir-up trouble on more than a couple of them. We could spend gallons of ink and not cover Tea's whole story. Instead, we'll cover Tea History briefly and dive into the Magic of Tea.



Heart Health: Cacao for Inflammation

Cacao is one of the most Divine treats I give myself regularly. It's full of antioxidants, making it one of the healthier indulgences we can choose, and the stimulation it offers is mild as compared to coffee or even cola. Make Cocoa a part of your daily Health Routine this easily!

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