Strawberry: A Wealth of Healing in one Sweet, Tasty Package

Fragaria vesca

a.k.a. Wild Strawberry, Woodland Strawberry

Nothing says summer like a ripening field of strawberries. The tingly scent of the freshly picked fruit can bring a smile to almost any child’s face. It makes the herbalist smile, too, as this delicate woodland plant offers a wealth of healing in one sweet, tasty package.

New in the Second Edition

This second edition is expanded from our first, with more information and new images in each chapter. We’ve added a few new recipes to help you get started as well.¬†

How to Use this Folio

Here you’ll find all you need to add Strawberry to your herbal practice. Each chapter focuses on a specific aspect of getting to know and love Strawberry. Start with the perspective that most engages you, then add to your knowledge by exploring further.

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