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Perimenopause Magic: Practices for Menopause Journey

Part of the power in perimenopause is the change it brings. Although it can feel darn draining and disorienting, all that transformative energy can move you to new spiritual, emotional, and psychological planes. I’m thankful for these practices can make that transition more comfortable and deeply fulfilling.

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Emotional Uproar in Perimenopause: Natural Home Remedy Approach

Let’s face it, menopause is every bit as big a change as was our first periods. Just like we needed time alone back then to sort out all the new emotions and ideas that arose when we first started to bleed, we who are at the other end of the fertility ride need time and space to make sense of ourselves all over again. Finding a Room of One’s Own shouldn’t be a fantasy, nor should it be the first step toward oblivion…

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Anxiety Town isn’t the Destination: Survive the Ride Naturally

Perimenopausal anxiety and panic attacks are a normal part of the menopausal journey. For some us, they’ll be more frequent or intense than for others. Although a detour around Anxiety Town may not be in the cards, the trip doesn’t have to dominate our experience. These natural remedies are a terrific way to ease the ride.

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Rose Geranium Magick: Love Magic at its Best by Rhea Humann

Rose Geranium Magic: Love Magick at its Best

The wonderful thing about using plants for both magic and medicine is the more you work with an herb or a flower, the more in-tune you get with its energy. Perhaps you’ve only heard of rose geranium or noticed its name on the ingredients list of your favorite all-natural facial product–but as you intentionally get to know the plant, your friendly spirit is met by powerful magic.

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Rose Geranium for Uplifting Relaxationby Sarah Jay

Rose Geranium for Uplifted Relaxation: Herbal Home Remedy

Rose Geranium, Pelargonium spp,, is one of herbalism’s sweetest home remedies in large part because it does smell so sweet. Historically, rose geranium has been used for health, beauty, cooking, gardening, and housekeeping. The core piece all uses share is the uplifting and relaxing aspects Rose Geranium offers…

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Medicinal Mushrooms

Medicinal Mushrooms: Learn about Health Benefits and Use.

Mycellium pack a ton of nutrition and medicine into their fruiting bodies or Mushrooms. Most of us are used to and absolutely comfortable with a few mushrooms on or pizza or added to stir-fry, but we don’t often think of those as particularly medicinal. The real medicine comes from the stuff that tastes bitter and earthy, like Reishi or Turkey Tail, right?

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Wood Ear Mushroom for Daily Use: The TCM Approach to Yin Er

Before I launch into a detailed discussion of all the lovely health benefits of using the wild mushroom known in English as Wood Ear (Latin name: Tremella fuciformis), I want to talk a little bit about the Chinese name.  The Chinese term is Yin Er, which literally translates as Silver Ear.  It is worth noting that the word “Yin/银” or silver, in this context, is a homophone for a different “Yin/陰” which is the Yin from Yin-Yang.

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