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Formulations Search the Herbal Nerd Society articles: Home Herbal Nerd Society Formulations Breath Deep with Cough Reducing Mullein Mullein (Verbascum

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Herbal Chemistry

Phytochemistry Search the Herbal Nerd Society articles: Home Herbal Nerd Society Herbal Chemistry Medicinal Pectin in Apples – How it

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Essential Oils

Essential Oils Search the Herbal Nerd Society articles: Home Herbal Nerd Society Essential Oils Chamomile Essential Oil: How it Works

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Relaxing Home Lifestyle and Recipes Relaxing Lavender Goodnight Spritzer Recipe The isopropyl alcohol in this spray acts as a preservative

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Herbal First Aid

Herbal First Aid Start Here, Search all of our free articles. Home Free Herbal Learning Herbal First Aid Sinus Infection

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Dr Leslie Korn headshot

Leslie Korn, Guest

Hear from Dr. Leslie Korn on Real Herbalism Radio. Here’s a list of the shows where she’s featured and more info on her. Real Herbalism Radio is an Herbal podcast of The Practical Herbalist.

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Helichrysum Magic: Using Immortale or Everlasting Essential Oil

Helichrysum has particular affinity for the Sixth chakra, also known as the Third Eye. In our modern culture, second sight or perception connected with the Third Eye and the Sixth Chakra is coming out of the closet, so to speak. Over the past two thousand years, we’ve seen human cultures move from a place of trust for those perceptions that come from sources we can’t track directly to one of the five basic senses.

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Yarrow Flower Essence for Empaths and Healers

As a flower essence, yarrow’s affinity is for Empathic or Highly Sensitive individuals. We’re a lot who are naturally more open to the energies of the world around us than most, making us both more powerful and more vulnerable at the same time.

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