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cloves of garlic

Garlic Energetics for Ayurveda, TCM, Western Herbalism

Herbal Nerd Society Exclusive Article Garlic is a hot and spicy herbal remedy. It helps fire up the body’s systems, giving them the energy they need to return to a state of proper and healthy functioning. Garlic is often used for Cancer, Heart Diseases, Stomach Ulcers, Cold and Flu prevention, and many more conditions of a ….

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jar of rosemary hair goo

Rosemary Hair Grow Goo

Enjoy this easy to make natural hair growth formula that can be made with either rosemary  oil or creosote bush oil specially designed for eyelashes and eyebrows by Herbalist/Cosmetologist Christina Sanchez. 

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burdock creek

Burdock – Western Clinical Formulas

As with most alteratives, burdock is easy to add to vast array of herbal formulas since improving digestive and lymphatic function has a broad sweeping effect on the rest of the body. It’s flavor is pleasant and the gentle yet thorough support it gives the body adds to its popularity.

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