Rosemary Hair Grow Goo

jar of rosemary hair goo

Rosemary Hair Grow Goo

Enjoy this easy to make natural hair growth formula that can be made with either rosemary  oil or creosote bush oil specially designed for eyelashes and eyebrows by Herbalist/Cosmetologist Christina Sanchez.

Some years back I had my eyebrows shaped and wax by an overzealous technician that left a brow with a hole in it. No matter how much I tried to fill them in with brow pencils or shape kits, the hair was growing back at the slowest rate ever. I could have bought an eyelash, eyebrow growth serum but they are expensive. The reviews I read it suggest that when the users stopped applying the serum, the hair quit growing.

I did a little research on natural ways to encourage hair growth. I was already drinking infusions of Nettle and Oat straw and noticed hair growth on my scalp but the eyebrows seem to take the longest to grow. I needed a topical formula too.

Rosemary Hair Grow Goo Formula at Work

Photo by Manuela Böhm on Unsplash

I have perfected the formula and wanted to share it. I know people who get sucked into those fake lashes, wasting wads of money for eyelash extensions. As those extensions begin to grow out and in need to be refilled. If one is not on top of the upkeep, one’s eyelashes look like a they have spider legs missing on their eyelashes. Extensions can weaken your own lashes and cause possible breakage. You can save money and time with this plant-based DIY lash/brow growth concoction. 

I experimented with a few oils that I read about that would help encourage hair growth. I noticed the negative space filling in, my brows were growing in thicker so I began to take the mascara wand to my eyelashes. In a few months time, they were growing in thicker. Now in today’s world everyone wants things to happen at the snap of a finger, so this takes consistency and patience.  


Rosemary Hair Grow Goo Recipe

Tips for Use

Vitamin E, Rosemary oil, Creosote Bush oil have been added to medicinal oil infusions to prevent rancidity. You can also prevent rancidity by keeping moisture out, air tight container that is not exposed to light. I also store my Rosemary Hair Grow Goo in the refrigerator which is even more so cooling when I apply to the eyes. I find this so refreshing even before it’s time for lights out. 

Incorporate this into your evening ritual. Take a mascara wand dipped in this formula start going against the grain on the eyebrows. Then apply to the grain of hair growth. I like to gently massage the area with the mascara wand brush, stimulating blood flow to the area. For eyelashes, apply to the lash line using a cotton swab dipped in Rosemary Hair Grow Goo then brush lashes with mascara wand. I noticed hair growth with a month.

Be sure to take a look at what can possibly be causing hair loss. My friend has a small patch of psoriasis on one of his brows phoned me today to ask if I would make him Rosemary Hair Grow Goo. He said since the psoriasis started he noticed hair loss on the brow. So there can be many factors as to what is causing hair loss and rather than trying to “apply a bandaid” to the problem, look at the root cause.


If you’re wondering where you can get clean mascara wands, you can find them at most beauty supply stores or stop by Sephora and give them a smile and ask if you could have one of their wands they use for samples. Another thing to do is recycle your old wand. If you’re nearly to the end of your mascara, ditch it, wash it and recycle it!

About the Author

Christina Sanchez is an herbalist and licensed cosmetologist who lives in Joshua Tree, California. She is the founder of the herbal product company, Every Leaf Speaks which focuses on ethically wild-crafted and sourced herbal remedies with a specific focus on the native plants of the Mojave Desert. She also leads Desert Plant ID Hikes and Workshops. She operates Christina Sanchez Hair Design and is a high desert environmental activist.

You can find Christina at:



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