129.Herb Lab – 7Song – Herbal First Aid for Large Groups

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After an intriguing interview with Herbalist 7Song about the vast scale of emergency care he has brought to our global community over the last few decades, Sue and Candace explore their own herbal first aid for the week. Candace brought healthcare to both herself and her duck. Animals need healthcare just as much as humans do and Candace had to provide it for both of them in the same weekend. Her sinus draining, neti pot recipe is listed below. Sue runs an integrated healthcare street clinic so her herbal first aid stories were less personal in scope. As 7Song brought up the constant need for foot care when serving the unhoused, Sue talked about the herbs that she relies on to treat everything from trench foot to diabetic ulcers. (Thank you to Patti Leahy from World Energy Healing for devising the herbal compound.) Herbs in the News involved 2 different news articles on hot topics in herbal medicine: kratom and cannabis. We analyze the illogical way that both government agencies and the media is addressing these pain controlling in an era of opioid-related deaths.

Sinus Draining Neti Pot Recipe

  • 1 tsp glycerine
  • 2 tsp sea salt
  • 2 cups warm water

Mix well and pour into neti pot from immediate use.

Herbs we mentioned:

Resources we mentioned:

Further References

Join podcast cohost Sue Sierralupe at the Traditional Roots Herbal Conference in Portland, OR May 18-20th, 2018. Thanks to the Journal of Functional Herbalism for their excellent work and inclusion of Real Herbalism Radio as a resource.

Herbs in the News

Forbes article: Is Kratom Really Linked to a Salmonella Outbreak? by David Kroll, 2/28/18 Newsweek article: Why Jeff Sessions is Being Sued by a Veteran Over Medical Marijuana by Melina Delkic, The Atlantic article: 150 Americans Die Each Year from Tylenol’s Most Active Ingredient by Zach Shonfeld, 9/20/13.


7song is the herbal practitioner and Director of Holistic Medicine at the Ithaca Free Clinic in Ithaca New York. He is also the director, founder and teacher of The Northeast School of Botanical Medicine. He shares his knowledge by teaching at schools and conferences throughout the United States. His handouts and video links are important tools for clinical herbalists around the world to establish a firm footing in integrated herbal medicine.

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