Bug Bane Spray: Natural Mosquito Repellent with Essential Oils

Mosquito spray Natural Bug Repellent spray recipe

Summer is mosquito season in my neck of the woods. All of Oregon’s standing water during breeding season gives the nasty little buggers plenty of spaces to raise their families. The oil in this formula serves two purposes: it allows the essential oils a chance to linger on the skin and brings in the healing powers of calendula as an anti-immflammatory for existing bites. You may spray this formula on your skin after the mosquitoes have gone to bed to ease the itching from the spots they got to before you pulled out the herbs.

Home Remedy Medicine Made Easy: The Herbal Steam

Spa setting Home Remedy Medicine Made Easy The Herbal Steam

Fancy salons charge a pretty penny for facial steams but it’s one of the cheapest and simplest procedures to conduct at home. Facial steams not only unclog blocked pores but drain the sinuses and offers potent access to areas in need of the benefits of aromatherapy. Any time allergies act up or winter colds block […]

Four Thieves Vinegar Recipe & How to Make at Home Video

How to Make Four Thieves Vinegar at Home

There are many different recipes for Four Thieves Vinegar and different stories claiming different historical origins. It’s a very effective household cleaner. This has been used down south as a banishing vinegar and can be seen in voodoo shops at a pretty penny. All of the herbs in the Four Thieves Vinegar formula are potent […]

Radish – Pocket Herbal

radish wood cut

Raphanus sativus – Brassicaceae Family Radish root may be a gift in the garden but radish seeds are what Chinese physicians list among their favorite herbs. In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), it is important to balance the qi to maintain good health. Radish seed invigorates patients with deficient qi otherwise known as low energy or […]

Cayenne Pepper – Pocket Herbal

cayenne pepper

Capsicum annuum – Solidaceae Family Cayenne peppers bring fire to our lives. Their red, flame-shaped fruit bring sweat to our brow and heat to our tongues. Many cooks keep a string of peppers flickering over their stove to kindle a warm, lively flavor in their dishes. Cooks and herbalists understand that cayenne knows how to […]

How to Harvest Aloe Vera

Harvesting aloe

Aloe vera is a fabulous healer for 1st degree burns, scrapes and cuts. Many people grow aloe plants in their homes as houseplants. It’s no wonder that they do. With the right amount of sun and a minimum amount of attention, aloe thrives. The real problem for housebound aloes is that they gets too big […]

Asian Salad Dressing Recipe with Ginger

vegetables on plate

Most of my refrigerator door is dedicated to condiments. A nice dash of seasoning makes all the difference in bringing out the flavors in a meal. This dressing is a favorite because it serves many purposes: marinade, soup enhancer, bread dip and, of course, salad dressing. I particularly like it drizzled on sliced garden veggies. […]

Witch Hazel as an Astringent

Witch Hazel flower

Witch Hazel (Hamamelis virginiana) sits on pharmacy shelves along with with other OTC (over the counter) topical liquids. It is so common in drug stores that most people forget that is herbal medicine. It’s uninterrupted use in medical and home use is more proof of the power and utility of witch hazel as an astringent. […]

Holy Basil (Tulsi) as an Adaptogen

tulsi/holy basil

The term adaptogen is a holistic term that refers to an herb that helps the body recover from stress by supporting metabolic functions. Tulsi/holy basil has this covered.