Ginger Health Benefits: Resource Guide

Pink flower of ginger plant

Ginger is one of those warming herbs we too often take for granted. It shows up in cuisine that covers the globe. Thanks to the Spice Trail and later international spice trade, this anti-inflammatory, warming digestive spice has been working magic in seemingly every corner of the map for a long time, in human terms.

Modern herbalists draw on the benefits of Ginger root in a variety of fresh and prepared forms. We like to make ginger glycerites, tinctures, honeys, infusions, and decoctions. Sometimes we encapsulate ginger. Many of us include Ginger in our Fire Cider and chai blends. Cooks with a bit of care for the health of their diners include fresh ginger and dried ginger in everything from appetizers to dessert…and maybe in their before- and after-dinner beverages to boot. Heck, even bartenders have discovered the delightful blend of ginger’s sweet-spicy-bitter notes make a lovely addition to a variety of mixed drinks and bitters blends.

Why is the world so enthralled with Ginger? Because it’s a terrific digestive stimulant. Ginger helps the digestive system to get moving, drawing circulation into the digestive tract and supporting the liver and gallbladder in managing bile and other aspects of good digestion. Ginger’s analgesic, anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic properties alongside it’s warming qualities  contribute to use its use in topical formulas for arthritis and muscle aches and pains of a cold nature. Ginger’s also been widely touted as an assistant in preventing or reducing nausea, including that one encounters during pregnancy, cancer treatment, and even from your garden-variety motion sickness.

What is ginger root good for:

  • Improve digestion and support healthy Liver function
  • Support the circulatory system and heart health
  • Reduce pain in muscles, joints, and ligaments
  • Heal bruises, swellings, and other topical injuries
  • Boost stamina and improve energy levels
  • Reduce or manage nausea

Learn more about Ginger, Making Ginger Herbal Remedies, and Using Ginger Essential Oil with these curated resources.

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