dandelion flower

Dandelion has a checkered past. In more recent eras, we’ve detested this humble little flower, spraying chemicals to eradicate her from our lawns and digging her up whenever she sprouts. Not so long ago, at least in terms of human history, Dandelion was a prized salad bitter and tonic medicine. Our European ancestors even carried her seed across the globe, planting her wherever they landed. Why?

Because Dandelion is a powerful detoxifier who helps our bodies remove that which we no longer need or want without draining our systems. That makes Dandelion a perfect ally for a variety of cases, including both illness and prevention of illness. Healers of old and modern herbalists today often reach for Dandelion for:

  • Spring Detox or Fasts
  • Clearing and balancing after illness
  • Cleansing and supporting the Liver
  • Easing Edema and draining excess water from the system
  • Clearing heat toxins, especially those related to stress or hormonal imbalance
  • Support for high blood pressure and cardiovascular weakness conditions
  • Cooling overheated systems, especially those involving the digestive system or Liver/Gallbladder

Learn more about Dandelion in the garden, as an herbal remedy, and best harvest practices with these curated resources.

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