Three-Root Syrup Recipe

three root syrup recipe

If you’ve made Candied Burdock or Candied Turmeric, Three-Root Syrup is a natural follow-up project. Burdock and Turmeric are classic blood-purifying herbs. They’re often included in detoxification blends and both are most excellent for recovery after illness.

Burdock helps the body break down wastes, including those left in the battlefield after you’ve conquered an illness. Turmeric improves circulation and digestion and decreases inflammation, including that which commonly follows in the aftermath of illness. Turmeric, like Dandelion, is a nutritive diuretic. Both Dandelion and Turmeric help the body to quickly eliminate the wastes has helped to break down. Plus, Dandelion offers a nice compliment of nutrients to help the body rebuild after illness.

Cooking Turmeric Syrup
Cooking Turmeric Syrup

Of course, if your life is like mine, you’ll find stress is more often a culprit in the imbalances you face on a daily basis than illness. When I first designed this formula, I was actually thinking more about helping my family find ways to incorporate these three herbs into our daily diet to help offset the stresses we face regularly. As a sweetener for coffee, tea, mineral water, and kombucha, this blend is quite nice. It’s got a hint of root beer flavor, although not the classic sarsaparilla or sassafras style the big soda companies modeled their artificial root beers after. This syrup offers up a taste of what real root beer tonic drinks from decades past were. Burdock and Dandelion were often paired in olden days as a spring tonic. This blend offers up the same gentle detoxification and uplifting properties as did those.

You can make your Burdock and Turmeric syrups how ever you desire. I started by making Candied Burdock and Candied Turmeric using fresh roots, then saved the simmering liquid for use in this recipe.  If you’re making syrup specifically for this recipe, you can start with an equal portion of sweetener, such as honey or sugar, with an equal portion of water. Once the sugar’s dissolved, add your roots. You can use whole dried root pieces if you have them. If powdered Turmeric or Burdock is all that’s available, you can use that. Just be aware that the end result will be cloudier than if you started with whole roots.



  • Measuring cups
  • Glass bottle with cap or similar container


  1. Measure the syrups and tincture into the glass bottle or container.
  2. Stir or cap and shake the container to mix the contents.
  3. Enjoy!

Storage and Use

Store your Three-Root Syrup in a cool, dark place, such as a refrigerator or root cellar. It will last about 6-9 months, possibly longer due to the alcohol content of the tincture.
Use Three-Root Syrup to flavor drinks, like coffee or black tea. You can also use it to make an Italian soda by mixing it with sparkling tonic or mineral water. Or, you can add it to your kombucha, mead, beer, or other fermented drinks when you bottle them. The sugar in this blend will cause fermented drinks to further ferment, creating a carbonated effect. If you like making sodas, you can use Three-Root Syrup as the basis for a root beer style soda, too.
Three-Root Syrup can also be added to cold, flu, and similar decoction, tea, or syrup blends. It’s designed to help the body recover from illness and boost the elimination of waste or toxins common during recovery from illnesses.

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