Natural, Easy Colon Cleanse


The next time you’re planning a fast or colon cleanse, try adding raw or roasted Almonds to your strategy. The fiber in Almonds helps remove mucus and toxins from your intestinal tract, making your cleanse naturally more effective. For daily maintenance, a small handful of Almonds will help you keep your system clean, too. Try adding sliced Almonds to your favorite cereal, smoothie, or yogurt. Or, add almonds to your morning muffins.

Almonds are high in minerals such as magnesium, calcium, iron and potassium. In addition to its nutritional value, almonds are considered prebiotics. They stimulate the beneficial bacteria in your gut which help you digest food more effeciently.

Almonds are available in almost every grocery store, they pack well and can be eaten raw, salted, seasoned or slivered. Almonds are also available as almond meal which is easy to throw into baked goods.

If Almonds aren’t you favorite, try Flax seed. Freshly ground Flax seed helps remove many of the same build up and toxins that Almonds clear. Plus, Flax seed is good at helping your body reduce cholesterol build up.

Hulled hemp seeds are another option for fiber. They are lower in fiber than flax and almonds but they do have the Omega 3,6,9 balance that the others lack. A combination of almonds, flax seeds and hulled hemp seeds would be optimal.

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