Herbal Tips for Eliminating Cat Urine from a Floor

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The smell of cat urine is overwhelming. The causes for a cat’s inappropriate urination can be complex. Too many indoor cats with not enough places to pee is the most frequent cause. Cats can choose to pee indoors if they feel threatened by a new baby, a new pet, or a family member they feel shakes their dominate position. Medical reasons for inappropriate cat urination should be checked with a veterinarian.

No matter the reason, the cat owner is left with a lingering scent that serves as a magnet for subsequent urination. This scent is caused by bacteria that can damage carpets and hardwood floors. The odor must be removed.

I found success by scrubbing the floor with a weak vinegar and water solution mixed with baking soda, then by letting hydrogen peroxide sit on the floor for a few minutes and wiping it all up with a damp rag. Let the area thoroughly dry. For carpets, sprinkle baking soda and lavender flower in a wide area on and near the spot. Then vacuum the floor after the area is dry. For wood floors, spot wax the area after cleaning it with the recipe mentioned above.

Throw a few orange peels on the area to keep the cat out until the habit is broken. Keep changing the orange peels every few days. Lavender is an additional herb most cats dislike. The scent is what they find unpleasant so if the smell is gone, they’ll ignore the herb. You may also have success placing aluminum foil over the chosen pee spot. Cats hate it.

REMEMBER: Be sure to have lots of toys and interesting perches for bored cats to prevent unwanted behaviors. Most vets recommend having at least as many cat boxes as you have number of cats to prevent territorial spraying. Take your cat for a check up to be sure a urinary tract infection or more serious ailment isn’t the cause of the behavior.

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