Romper Room Air Freshener Recipe

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Kid’s rooms can get unpleasantly fragrant fairly quickly. I get nervous about leaving anything  children might think to put in their mouths in their room so I devised this air freshener to clean the room with food safe ingredients that doesn’t actually smell like food. I tried other scent combinations, but this one was the most gender neutral. One squirt will do the job without overpowering a room.

This also works in rooms  teenagers have visited. Our computer room needs a squirt or two after a hearty X-Box session is over.

This formula is environmentally friendly. Nothing in it causes holes to open up in our ozone. The trick is to remember to give the bottle a shake before using it. The extract will separate from the water fairly quickly.


  • 1 ounce distilled water + a little extra to top off the formula
  • 10 drops of anise extract (found in the baking section of grocery stores)
  • 5 drops of grapefruit seed extract


  • eye dropper for measuring extracts
  • 1 ounce plastic bottle with a spritzer top
  • label


  1. Pour the distilled water into the plastic bottle.
  2. Carefully add the extract.
  3. Your mixture will have a little extra room at the top for more formula so add a little extra water to fill the bottle.
  4. Screw the cap carefully on the bottle.
  5. Label your final product with the name of the formula and the directions to shake the bottle before using.
  6. Keep your bottle plain and without fancy stickers so young children aren’t tempted to use it as a toy.

Storage and Use

Shake the bottle before spritzing the air. One spritz should do it.

Warning: Do not spritz the fluid into any one’s eyes or mouth. Keep the bottle on a high shelf so  it stays out of reach of small children.

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