All That the Rain Promises and More… by David Arora

All That the Rain Promises and More... by David Arora

Best audience for All That The Rain Promises and More…:

Beginning to experienced Western mushroom hunters

Candace said: All That the Rain Promises and More… was my first mushrooming guide, and ohhh, what a guide it is. Arora describes a goodly variety of edible and poisonous fungi all with ample pictures and key points making field identification a joy. Plus, the stories, recipes, and other tips and tricks of mushrooming make All That the Rain Promises and More…  a good read between hunts, too. In fact, you may just want to pick up two copies, one for home and one for the field!

Sue said: North Americans from the West coast are lucky to have this pocket-sized guide to mushrooms. The photos are clear and helpful. The text is organized and sassy. The key is logical and convenient. The information is accurate and intelligently arranged. The whole book is a labor of love.

David Arora loves mushrooms. He has selected the most common edible and medicinal mushrooms and their unpleasant imposters in a user-friendly volume. He sprinkled in the oddballs that catch our eyes in the field and leave us scratching our heads. I do not go mushroom hunting without this book.

I have wondered for years about the subtitle: A Hip Pocket Guide to Western Mushroom. Is he referring to a guide for your hip pocket or the fact that it is pocket guide that is hip? Either way, it fits.

Patrick said: This is my goto book in the woods. It is small and fits well in a basket or back pocket. The color pictures along with the detailed description make it invaluable. The flow charts at the beginning and end of the book help to identify mushrooms and other fungi. Also the link between this book and Mushrooms Demystified is very nice the pages are called out for further identification. What I also like are the anecdotal stories about mushrooming and some of the recipes.The downside to this book is that it specializes in mushrooms of the Pacific Northwest.

The Bottom Line: We give All That the Rain Promises and More… by David Arora three thumbs up.

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