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Dude, it’s Legal: Marijuana and Cannibus Laws Open the Door to New Exploration of this Herb

In this re-airing of Show 8: Dude, it’s Legal: Marijuana and Cannabis Laws Open the Door to New Exploration of this Herb, originally shared in 2014, The team explores the legalization of Recreational Marijuana. Here’s the original synopsis:

“This month, three states plus Washington D.C. asked voters to decide whether or not marijuana should be legalized for recreational use. Only one rejected legalizing it for recreation. Today, we’re going to take a look at the laws that have been passed, focusing on Oregon’s, and medicinal and recreational use of marijuana. Be aware that some of the language and subject matter may be a little colorful and inappropriate for younger listeners.”

Resourcees we mentioned

Washington Post, “The Brains of Marijuana Users are Different, Especially if They Start Young

Oregon Liquor Control Commission

Wikipedia, “Legality of Cannabis by U.S. State”
CNN Interview with President Barak Obama,, “CNN Exclusive: Barack Obama Talks about Pot”

For further information on Marijuana or Cannabis, search “Marijuana” on The Mayo Clinic website, see Michael Pollan’s “The Botany of Desire” on PBS, or Watch the Harvard School of Public Health’s Forum “Legalizing Marijuan: The Public Health Pros and Cons.

Full Video Transcript Here: Legalizing Marijuana_ The Public Health Pros and Cons

Herbal 101

Herbalists use a variety of terms to describe the properties of herbs. We discussed the term neuropathy, how it’s used medical and  the herbal world.

Herbs in the News

We covered the Washington Post article, “The Brains of Marijuana Users are Different, Especially if They Start Young,” which spurred our discussion for today’s main topic. We did not break away for a separate discussion on Herbs in the News.

The Practical Herbalist Team

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