Supporting Women’s Fertility with Herbs

raspberry leaf tea

Adding a baby to your life takes preparation. Herbs can increase fertility when combined with a healthy diet and exercise routine. The odds of success improve if you are as careful with your body before pregnancy as you will be after you get pregnant.
According to Dr. Tori Hudson, the medical director of A Woman’s Time clinic in Portland, Oregon, “Eighty-five percent of couples will conceive after the first year of trying, with an increase to 93 percent after two years.” If you have trouble conceiving after one year of contraception-free attempts, consult with a qualified health-care provider.

Before starting your fertility program, schedule a complete physical examination with a qualified health care professional. Share your plans to have a baby with the doctor, particularly if you are currently taking prescription medication. Some health issues may need to be addressed before beginning the journey to parenthood. If you are using oral contraceptives, find out how long it will take to flush the hormones from your system.

Replace bad habits with good habits. Stop smoking, drinking alcohol and caffeine drinks and eating processed foods. All of these are notably destructive to the human fertility cycle. Be certain to include regular exercise as part of your daily fertility program. Consider eating fresh, organic food daily as part of your balanced diet. Healthy little bodies grow better in healthy big bodies.

Drink 64 ounces of water daily. Staying properly hydrated is important to good health and fertility. Do not substitute coffee or soda pop for water intake.

Herbal Allies for Fertility

Pick a  herb to add to your daily routine. There are many phytoestrogen-rich herbs to choose from. Some herbs contain significant amounts of phytoestrogen, which serves to increase human fertility. The list includes ginseng, vitex, licorice, red clover and dong quai. Once pregnancy has been confirmed, discontinue use of ginseng, dong quai and licorice. Red raspberry is not only rich in vitamins and trace minerals, but it serves as a uterine tonic. Vitex and red clover are safe to take during pregnancy.

List of Herbal Allies for Increasing Estrogen

Tonic Herbs for Fertility

elderflowerfruittea Choose a herb that supports and defends the entire body. Garlic, elderberry, raspberry leaf and green tea are excellent examples of herbs that can be consumed daily to build the immune system and keep everything working properly. Garlic can be added to food regularly. Green tea, raspberry leaf and elderberry make delicious morning teas. Raspberry is a uterine tonic favored by midwives and herbalists worldwide.

List of Tonic Herbal Allies

Nutritious Herbs for Fertility

Oxide stress is common problem linked to fertility issues. Vitamins C and E are both powerful antioxidants that help increase fertility of both men and women. Trace minerals are important to maintain a healthy hormone balance. Both zinc and selenium are usually high on the list of minerals that nutritionists recommend for a well planned fertility program. A good multivitamin from a reputable company will do wonders to expectant parents well being. Don’t forget to take vitamins after the baby is born since parenting takes a quite a toll on the body.

Choose and herb that will support your body nutritionally. Some herbs are particularly noted for their high levels of nutrition. These include nettle, dandelion, propolis and chickweed. Raspberry is also high in iron and antioxidant vitamins so a daily dose of this herb can serve double duty for women preparing for pregnancy. Flax and alfalfa are noted for both their role in nutrition and the phytoestrogen that they generate.

List of Nutritive Herbal Allies


Do not take herbs that are contraindicated with your prescription medication. Discontinue herbs that cause allergic reactions. Do not take more herbal supplements than is directed as per the manufacturer’s directions.


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