Kitchen Herbs That Soothe Your Stomach


Nutmeg was once coveted for its digestive prowess. Ladies and gentlemen alike grated a dusting of nutmeg on their morning cereal, afternoon puddings, evening soups, and even feast foods such as roasts and rich desserts. Why? Because Nutmeg goes a long way toward helping your stomach and intestinal tract process whatever foods you’ve eaten no matter your age. It works to prevent flatulence and keep your digestion moving. Parents of colicky babies especially appreciate nutmeg’s medicine. The next time your stomach’s grumbling something fierce, try adding a few sprinkles of grated Nutmeg to a cup of yogurt and enjoy.

If nausea is the trouble you face, ginger is your friend. Ginger helps ease the symptoms of morning sickness and motion sickness as well as flu and other illnesses. That fiery flavor is exactly the medicine that will sooth your stomach and help you achieve the chemical balance you needs to feel comfortable once again. Try a few slices of candied Ginger or a cup of Ginger tea the next time nausea and vomiting rock your world. You’ll be glad you did.

Don’t forget to look in the tea cupboard. Chamomile, peppermint and licorice tea are very calming to the stomach after a big meal. Nursing mothers can safely drink this tea as well if they find they overdid it at the family potluck. Be advised that fennel tea can greatly increase breast milk production. It is a good tummy soother but for moms that are already producing a hefty amount of milk, steer clear of this herb when seeking natural digestives.

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