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Light Your Fire: Ginger Magic to Boost Confidence and Creativity

Ginger’s association with money is rooted in it’s ability to get energy moving. It stirs the will seated in the power centers and helps to feed the inner fires. You can use Ginger with the right intention to boost your creativity and help you build confidence as you start a new project, job, or venture. Here’s an easy example.

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How It Works - Gingerol from Ginger

How It Works – Gingerol from Ginger

Ginger is an amazing healer. It is used around the world to treat indigestion, motion sickness and arthritis pain. One of the primary constituents is gingerol which is a flavonol. Flavonols are high in anti-oxidants and many are noted for their strong antibiotic qualities.

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Pink flower of ginger plant

Ginger Health Benefits: Resource Guide

Welcome to the Herb of the Month. This page is available to all and is a sample of what the Herbal Nerd Society Members get extra each month. This page has a special video, curated articles, and recipes based on the month’s herb.

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ginger root

Ginger: The Best Herb for Helping Your Digestion

Ginger. In my childhood years, it was a snap. Cookie, that is. Ginger snaps were a relatively rare treat. Mom didn’t believe in dessert. She said if the meal’s good then you don’t need dessert or the extra calories. Case Closed. When relatives visited, though, ginger snaps were sometimes among the treats she stocked, so it wasn’t as if I was completely unfamiliar with this spicy little root by the time I had my first true Ginger experience.

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Lavender: Perfume with a Medicinal Punch

Lavender’s versatility through the centuries has made it a consistent favorite. Today, its balsamic, earthy, floral scent is added to a variety of beauty and cleaning products for its disinfectant as well as its relaxation properties. It can ward off a variety of bacterias and viruses, including staph, while it calms the nervous system. Lavender soothes as it heals.

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