When I started my first Network Marketing business, I completely lacked self-confidence. I was coming out of more than a decade of not being paid for my work and quite honestly I’d forgotten what it feels like to make my own money.

Starting Anew: Herbal Magic for Getting Moving

One of the biggest challenges I’ve faced through my years of being a stay-at-home Mom, homeschooling teacher, and secondary business partner has been in seeing what I do as valuable. I, like so many of my culture, have equated money earned with valuable work done or good sold. Financial statements are more than just a list of the money that’s come in and out of your accounts; they’re a quantifiable description of your worth within the context of American community and culture. For better or worse, spending more than a decade working at a professional level and not getting more than a couple hundred bucks the whole while for doing so left me feeling just a step above worthless at my most foundational level.

Then, my brilliant idea for building my own income stream and my confidence was to start my own business…as an independent franchiser in a network marketing system. It was completely new territory for me, one which asked me to learn a whole new set of skills far, far outside my comfort zone. About two months in, I realized I was going to need a little bit of magic to help get my business off the ground, attract customers and cash, and build my confidence.

Ginger and Money

Ginger’s association with money is rooted in its ability to get energy moving. In energetic medicinal systems, like Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine, ginger is used to rekindle fire that’s died down and to heat cold conditions. It stirs the will seated in the power centers and helps to feed the inner fires. Money, as the primary container or symbol of power in our culture, is the fuel that moves our community, culture, and country into action. In a sense, money is the will of our nation, so the connection between ginger’s medicine and money’s role in our culture is an easy one to see.

Ginger Builds Confidence

Beyond that surface glance, ginger has a little more medicine to offer.  At the root of money’s place in our culture is the idea of confidence. Those who have money often have confidence. To make or earn money, one needs confidence. Confidence is foundational to the acquisition of money…and ginger is an expert at helping one to build confidence. When ginger stokes the internal fires, it also helps move along any bits that may have stagnated or are not contributing to one’s overall health. Ginger helps us assimilate our life experiences and make the best use of them. The end result is the kind of confidence that comes from deep within, that permeates one’s being, that shines like a fire in the night.

With all that in mind, I focused my intention on choosing essential oil partners who could help ginger help me build confidence:

  • Cedarwood helps open the crown chakra, offering a stronger connection to Divine inspiration and a stronger sense of intuition.
  • Cypress offers a strong current of grounding from crown to feet, thus opening the channels and helping to create a pathway for all that fire.
  • Rosemary helps stimulate and aids focus.
  • Bitter orange, like many of the citrus family and Bergamot, helps shift one’s energy toward bubbly joy.

I folded a small piece of paper towel and put two drops of each essential oil on it. That, I folded with the essential oil drops inside so they wouldn’t soak directly into my cards. That, along with a stack of business cards, I sealed into a plastic bag so the scent of the essential oils could soak into the cards. The work took just a few focused minutes.

I let them infuse for a few days, then took the cards out and added them to my business cardholder. Now, when I reach into my business card holder for a card to share, I catch a whiff of my blend. It reminds me of my intention, to draw money and clients to myself, to build my business, and to rebuild my confidence. I sometimes take them out and sniff them (when no one’s looking!), too. The scent is slowly permeating my being just like it’s permeated my cards.

For me, this is the best kind of magic-a single, simple, small act followed by easy follow-ups all designed around one focused goal…that includes magical plants like Ginger!