78.Vital Herbalism with Jakob Sletteland

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Modern Herbalism is rooted in a variety of backgrounds, some traditional and some grown from modern science. Inspired herbalists are gifted with a number of powerful approaches on their path to helping others. Today, we’re talking with Jakob Slettelend, clinical nutritionist and registered herbalist, about his path into Vital Herbalism.

Alert listener Catherine S. noted the following, which we are adding to our notes 10/23/17 as a postscript:

“Hi! I really liked this episode! I just want to correct that there is a herbalist guild in Quebec, Canada that’s doing the same job as the AHG. It is called the Guilde des Herboristes. They provide strict regulation to people who want to call themselves herbalists. You have to get your herbal education examined and provide an “x” number of clinical hours to become a “Herboriste thérapeute accrédité”. Thank you for what you’re doing.”

Thank you, Catherine for your help! It is good to know where Canadian herbalists can get support.

Jakob Sletteland

Jakob Slettleland

Jakob Sletteland is a Clinical Nutritionist and Registered Herbalist with eight years of experience in the field of holistic health and wellness. His practice and approach are ‘Vitalist’ in nature, utilizing therapies that strengthen and support the body’s innate healing tendencies. Jakob graduated from Prescott College with a Bachelor’s degree in Holistic Health and Phytotherapy, and has completed numerous continuing education courses and internships in nutrition and herbal medicine, including advanced coursework through the North American Institute of Medical Herbalism. Jakob also earned a graduate diploma of phytotherapy, (Dip. Phyto.) in clinical herbal medicine, as well as a Master’s of Health Science (MSc) at the University of New England. He is a Registered Herbalist (RH) and professional member of the American Herbalist Guild (AHG), the only peer-reviewed organization and oversight committee for professional herbalists in the US, and is a founding member and President of the Oregon chapter of the AHG. He is in private practice at Vital Force Natural Health LLC, and is additionally a volunteer practitioner with Occupy Medical, both located in Eugene.

Jakob also describes himself as an “avid supporter of the Weston Price Nutritional paradigm.”



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