66.Deeply Rooted with Bonnie Rose Weaver and Mari Amend

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Herbalists live in many environments: Country, farm, and cities. Urban Herbalists often envy their country cousins’ ability to grow many Medicinal Herbs–But that envy may well be misplaced. Today, we’re talking with Bonnier Rose Weaver, herbalist and author of Deeply Rooted: Medicinal Plant Cultivation in Techtropolis, and Mari Amend, editor of Deeply Rooted and all 1849 Medicine Garden publications, about growing herbs in small and city spaces.

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Bonnie Rose Weaver

Headshot of Bonnie Rose Weaver

Of Celtic, Calabrian and Slavic descent, Bonnie Rose Weaver strives to bring the beauty of the mountains and the wonder of the ocean’s tides to the wellbeing of her fellow urbanites. Born and raised in the city by the bay (occupied Ohlone land), her practice of herbalism focuses on access to and education about plant medicine.

At the age of 21, Bonnie was sick and tired of taking inhalers to “treat” her/their sports-induced asthma. She/they took herself to the herb shop and blended a tea. She was able to breathe deeper and her lungs became stronger. She never took inhalers again; the power of plants was proven to her. She has since committed her life to sharing plant wisdom with others.

Find Bonnie at Bonnie Rose Weaver.

Mari Amend

Headshot of Mari Amend

Mari joined ATC in 2017 as the Communications Manager and in June 2018 she became the Development Manager. A writer, artist, and activist, she’s passionate to share stories, create dialogue, and inspire change. Most recently, Mari was on the road with a book that she co-published about plant medicine and before that, she wrote and directed a play about California’s worst drought to date. In her role at ATC, she is honored by the opportunity to share the stories of our amazing clients with our community of supporters.

Find Mari on Linkedin.


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