Podcast Show 130: Dr. Michael Tierra – Kratom on Trial

Plants may be the medicine of the people but not all plants are equal in the eyes of the law. Over the past few months, kratom has been targeted by the United States DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) and FDA (Food and Drug Administration) as a potentially dangerous plant and it’s not the first.

Today, we’re talking with Michael Tierra D.O.M., L.A.c., founder of the American Herbalist Guild, and owner/founder of East/West School of Planetary Herbalogy about how plants like kratom have fared in the American legal system of the past fifty years.

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Michael Tierra L.A.c., O.M.D. founder of the East-West School of Herbology where he works as both a clinician and instructor. He has published several books including Planetary HerbologyThe Way of Herbs,  The Way of Chinese HerbsThe Natural Remedy Bible, and Chinese Traditional Herbal Medicine, which he co-authored with his wife, Lesley Tierra, L.Ac.

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