24.The Path to Flower Essences & Energetic Healing with Patti Leahy

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Plants work on many levels to change the course of our lives. Many herbalists focus on the purely physical form, but the energetics of plants have long been a power healing tool as well. Today, we’re talking with Master Flower Essence Creator, Formulator, and Practitioner Patty Leahy about the path to flower essences and energetic healing.

For more information on Patty and her practice, see www.WorldEnergyHealing.com.


We discussed an article published on July 31, 2015 in the New York Times by Stephanie Strom entitled “Perdue Sharply Cuts Antibiotic Use in Chickens and Jabs at Its Rivals.”


Today, we answered a question from a listener on the use of cream in nettle and other herbal infusions.

Herbs we discussed:

Patti Leahy

patti leahy

“I am currently involved in volunteering on the Herb Team for Occupy Medical, a free-to-all medical and herbal clinic in Eugene. This includes: Making, custom labeling and packaging six of our Flower Essence Blends, and the herbal salves, oils and tinctures from this web site, plus more that we have developed to meet patient needs.
I am also co-ordinating with other volunteers the collection of donated bottles and jars from local stores; and organizing herb collection, both wildcrafted and from friendly gardeners, herb processing (separating, drying, formulating and making available for patient use).Working and sharing with other’s interested in herbal medicine-making techniques has shownm me the joys of teaching and learning with other supportive groups.
Connecting with Occupy Medical and working with other volunteers to support my community and humanity – through the natural gifts and relatioship I have with the plant kingdom – most definitely fulfills my sense of Soul Purpose.”
For more information on Patti and her practice, see www.WorldEnergyHealing.com.

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