224.The Herbal Kitchen with Kami McBride

Spoons of spices from book cover for Kami McBride The Herbal Kitchen and Real Herbalism Radio show 224.The Herbal Kitchen with Kami McBride

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The Path into Herbalism isn’t always an easy one. Sometimes, we’ve got to face mighty challenges. Often, it’s exactly those challenge that propel us into the next level.

Today, we’re talking with Kami McBride, author of The Herbal Kitchen and teacher of Herbal Medicine since 1988 about making the Herbal Lifestyle a real part of your life.

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Where’s Sue?

Sue’s working on a new venture in 2020. Check out The Integrated Herbalist to see what Sue’s up to today!

Kami McBride

Kami McBride, headshot

Kami McBride’s 30 years of teaching herbal medicine is steeped in her calling to activate culture that embraces deep connection with the earth and inspires the next generation to love and care for the plants. Kami has taught herbal medicine at University of California San Francisco School of Nursing and in the Integral Health Masters’ program at the California Institute of Integral Studies. She has helped thousands of families learn to use herbs for self-care. She is author of The Herbal Kitchen and her live and online workshops fuel the home herbalism movement to revitalize our relationship with the plant world and use herbal medicine for home wellness care.


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