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black cherry cherries

Gout: Natural Treatment Options

Herbs are concentrated forms of nutrition and phytochemicals. Black (Tart) Cherry is a well known as a gout reducer which is backed up in scientific study. It can be consumed in either pill, powder or juice form.

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127.Herb Lab – Jason Scott – Mushroom Alchemy

After talking with spagyricist and mycologist Jason Scott of Feral Fungi and AlcheMycology about the synergy of mushrooms, medicine and alchemy, Sue and Candace have donned their wizard hats and are reporting on their own alchemy. For Sue, was a simple mushroom hunt but Candace went much deeper down the rabbit hole.

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Let’s Talk Series: EPA and DHA Explained by Yaakov Levine

The new buzz words in the health industry are EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (docosahexaenoic acid). These popular omega 3 fatty acids are proving to be key to health and disease prevention. Yaakov Levine uses his training as a health couch to explain how they work and what sources are best.

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Herbalism Podcast

100.Real Herbalism Radio in Review – The Evolution of Herbal Medicine

Candace, Patrick and Sue celebrate their 100th podcast by looking back at the herbalism field over past 40 months. So much has changed in their lives and in the world of herbal medicine. When Real Herbalism Radio (RHR) started, podcasting was just begin to take hold as an art form. It seemed as easy way to spread the word about their favorite topic. No one foresaw the changes to come.

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