Tips for Drying Laundry The Practical Herbalist Way

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For fresh, clean laundry without all the chemical fragrance scent so many commercial dryer sheets contain, I use Dryer Hankies. What I like most about Dryer Hankies is their versatility. I can change the scents I use as best suits my family. During flea season, for instance, I like to use a few drops of Thuja (cedar) and lavender essential oils. The Thuja does a terrific job of repelling fleas and the lavender adds anti-bacterial protection to our linens. Orange and Tea tree make a refreshing combination for during and after illness. Rosemary and lavender or Rosemary and Ginger are another couple of combinations I’ve enjoyed.

Dryer Sachets are another heavenly little herbal trick I’ve used to give my laundry a fresh, soft scent. Cardamon is one of my favorite herbs for these simple sachets. Lavender buds work wonderfully, too. I’ve occasionally added a few drops of some of my favorite essential oils, like tea tree, lavender, and Clary Sage, to the herbs in my sachet.

If you’re line-drying your laundry, you can give each item a spritz of room freshener spray, but don’t use one of those commercial varieties that contain a host of chemicals. Instead, try an all-natural, all herbal blend like Romper Room Air Freshener, Citrus Mint Bathroom Freshener or Spring Morning Bathroom Freshener. When my boy was little, he loved running along spraying the clothing for me. That made the job fun and easy. Now that he’s less inclined to help out, I think of that crazy little boy as I run along the line spraying. It’s kind of child-like, I’m sure, but who’s to say having a little fun doing the laundry isn’t one of life’s joys?

Herbal, All-Natural Tips for Drying your Laundry:

Drying clothing the practical herbalist way is inexpensive and easy. Best of all, it’s adds a lot of luxury and a bit of creativity to doing the laundry.

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