There’s nothing so relaxing before a night of lovin’ as a good massage. This blend of essential oils will help you to relax without putting you to sleep, so you and your partner can fully enjoy each other’s company.



  • 1 oz.  or larger sealable bottle or container
  • label and pen


  1. Measure the sweet almond oil into your container.
  2. Add the essential oils.
  3. Seal the container and give it a good shake.
  4. Label your massage oil.

Storage and Use

You can make this massage oil in advance or just before you plan to use it. It keeps well for months in a cool, dark place, like the refrigerator. Be sure to let it come to room temperature before you use it. If you want to use it for a warm oil massage, you can stand the sealed container in a cup or hot water for ten to twenty minutes before using it as well.