Prevent Allergies Naturally with Nettle


One of the best all-natural remedies for allergies is Stinging Nettle. Nettle helps your immune system back down from a full-blown allergy attack. The abundance of vitamins and nutrients in Nettle help your whole system feel supported and healthy, which allows your immune system to relax further.

Nettle is a diuretic and will flush out your kidneys. It is full of electrolytes so it naturally replenishes what it depletes. Be sure to eat a healthy diet during allergy season. Give your digestive system a break by reducing fatty food which is hard to break down. Fresh greens and fruit will revitalize you inside and out. Two or three cups of strong Stinging Nettle infusion daily can even replace your old over the counter or prescription allergy medications, making allergy season a joy.

If you want to add a natural antihistamine to your cup, toss in some plantain leaves or lemon balm. Those herbs will help reduce the allergic reaction to pollen. Check our site for tea blends that are formulated by the experienced hands of the Practical Herbalist crew. For a more complete list of ways to combat allergies, check our post on holistic care for your sinuses. Be sure to talk to your physician or healthcare provider before taking nettle if you’re taking prescription medications.

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