232.Walking the Southern Folk Medicine Path with Phyllis D. Light

232.Walking the Southern Folk Medicine Path with Phyllis D. Light Real Herbalism Radio with book cover

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Tradition plays a huge role in how we approach our health. Whether we recognize it or not, our culture guides us, providing a framework for how we encounter the plants. Bringing those pieces of culture to the surface is a healing of its own.

Today, we’re talking with Phyllis D. Light, folk herbalist, about walking the Path of Tradition through wood, field, and town.

Herbs we mentioned:

  • Ginseng
  • Black Cohosh
  • Yellow Root
  • Sourwood Tree
  • Catnip, aka Catmint

Topics we mentioned:

  • Herb Doctor vs. Folk Herbalist
  • Eclectic Physicians
  • Art of Simpling
  • Wild vs Domesticated, Herb vs Vegetable
  • Tommie Bass
  • Aunt Molly Kirby
  • Expanding your boundaries
  • Making a living while being an Herbalist
  • Diet
  • Clayton College

Where’s Sue?

Sue’s working on a new venture in 2020. Check out The Integrated Herbalist to see what Sue’s up to today!

Phyllis D. Light

Phyllis D Light with Bamboo

A fourth generation Herbalist and Healer, Phyllis D. Light has studied and worked with herbs, foods and other healing techniques for over 30 years. Her studies in Traditional Southern Appalachian Folk Medicine began in the deep woods of North Alabama with lessons from her grandmother, whose herbal and healing knowledge had its roots in her Creek/Cherokee heritage. Phyllis’ studies continued as an apprentice with the late Tommie Bass, a nationally renowned folk herbalist from Sand Rock, Alabama, as well as other herbal Elders throughout the Appalachians and the Deep South.
Her well-established reputation and knowledgeable expertise has allowed Phyllis to travel far afield of her Southern Appalachian home, lecturing and teaching about herbs, integrative and complementary healthcare and traditional folk healing techniques. Consequently, she has taught and lectured at herb schools, universities, medical schools, hospitals and health conferences.

As a Practitioner, she has experience in both clinical and private settings including working in an integrative medical clinic. As a Consultant, Phyllis manages her own herbal consulting business advising businesses, schools, physicians and manufacturers.

In addition to Traditional Folk studies, Phyllis has studied Traditional Western Herbalism, Nutrition, Exercise Science, Body Work and Energy Medicine. She continues to maintain an active herbal practice.

Phyllis has a master’s degree from the University of Alabama in Health Studies (education and promotion) and has taught CEU classes for allied healthcare workers including nurses, nurse practitioners, physical therapists, occupational therapits and social workers. She is a professional member of the American Herbalist Guild and currently sits as secretary of the organization. In addition, she is on the board of directors of the American Naturopathic Certification Board.


For online or distance consults and learning more about Herbs and Nutrition, go to PhyllisDLight.com.

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