Ginger: Warming Spice for Health and Life

ginger book cover

Zingiber officinalis – Ginger familya.k.a.: Race Ginger, Black Ginger, Zingiber, Jamaican Ginger, Jake Root Ginger is one of those warming herbs we too often take for granted. It shows up in cuisine that covers the globe. Thanks to the Spice Trail and later international spice trade, this anti-inflammatory, warming digestive spice has been working magic […]

Lavender: Perfume with a Medicinal Punch


Lavender’s versatility through the centuries has made it a consistent favorite. Today, its balsamic, earthy, floral scent is added to a variety of beauty and cleaning products for its disinfectant as well as its relaxation properties. It can ward off a variety of bacterias and viruses, including staph, while it calms the nervous system. Lavender soothes as it heals.

Dandelion Benefits: Liver Cleanse and Detox is Just the Beginning

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Dandelion is in most liver tonics due to its oils, the bitter resins that stimulate the digestive system. The fiber in the whole plant is described as viscous because of its astonishing ability to absorb and transport toxins from the bowels out of the body, balance intestinal flora, and soothe the digestive tract in the process.

Calendula Benefits: Sunny Herbal Remedy Tea for Skin Comfort

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Chapped skin, infected wounds, diaper rash, and eczema all relax under calendula’s care. Most herb lovers have made a simple salve or lotion with calendula in it. Both varicose veins and hemorrhoids do well with topical treatments of calendula.

All About Stinging Nettle: Urtica Dioica Plant Medicine

Most people know nettle by its lasting sting. One accidental brush against its bristly lines of hair causes burning, numbness and swelling for hours. The defending chemicals that cause the trouble are water soluble so nettle is safe to eat after drying, freezing or heating.

Sweet Remedies: Healing Herbal Honeys by Dawn Combs

Sweet Remedies Healing Herbal Honey by Dawn Combs

Best Audience for Sweet Remedies Frazzled, Frustrated, Moody People and those who love them; Moody Guys and Gals; Parents, Professionals, and Anyone Else who finds life just a little Emotionally Challenging Candace Said: Wow! I had a blast learning more about using Honey for making Herbal Remedies at home and for others. Dawn does a […]

Plant Songs by Jessica Baker – Book Review

Plant Songs Book Cover

I loved the connections Jessica makes with the Spirit and Energy of the Plants and their Healing Properties. She’s chosen beautiful stories from her own experiences to illustrate the way each plant moves in the body and in the world

Mushrooms, Cancer and the Myths Surrounding Them with Jeff Chilton Part of the Let’s Talk Series

Cancer and Mushrooms Mythbusting

Listen to the newest Episodes of Real Herbalism Radio here: Our Website | iHeartradio | Spotify | Alexa Flash | Pippa | Itunes | Stitcher Whether you are on Iphone, Android, or your laptop we have you covered. Mushrooms are such wonderful healers that they have been the center of mythology on their healing powers. When it comes to terrifying diseases like cancer, this fear combines with […]

Let’s Talk Series: Plaedo – Homemade Seed Paper

how to make seeded paper

Herbal Nerd Society: Seed paper making project recycles paper scraps and flower or herb seeds into beautiful writing paper for cards, stationary or gifts. Plaedo encourages you to “plant your poetry and watch it grow”!