195.Summer Vacation Herbalism

Summer Time Herbalism

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Sue, Patrick and Candace are back from their summer vacation and have learned even more about herbs. Their gardens are in full flower. The rivers are beckoning. Herbs are getting tucked into jars and dehydrators. It’s a great time to make and use herbal remedies. Sunburn, bug bites, muscle strain…you name it. It’s a busy season for natural health advocates.

And the Winner is…

Congratulations to our summer book give away winners Fallon Alvarez and Heidi Sobotik! Thank you for supporting The Practical Herbalist and Real Herbalism Radio through the Herbal Nerd Society! Heidi and Fallon’s names were chosen at random to receive an autographed copy of Maria Noel Groves book Grow Your Own Herbal RemediesThey also receive a link to special content that was not published in the book as an extra added bonus. Send us us photo of yourself with your prize so we can share your happy faces with our listeners and pay attention! We will have more give aways coming up!

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Candace, Sue, Patrick and Chicken

Candace Hunter, Sue Sierralupe and Patrick Hunter have been working together as the Practical Herbalist/Real Herbalism Radio team for many years. They have published 10 books which are available in Kindle form.

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