52.Culinary Herbalism with Leda Hermecz

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One of the joys of herbalism is the diverse way we incorporate herbal goodness into our lives. Sage Biscuits may not sound like medicine, but they sure are. Today, we’re talking with Leda Hermecz of 100 Mile Bakery about creative herbal baking and cooking.

You can find Leda at

100 Mile Bakery
Phone: 541.603.6354
Email: [email protected]

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Leda Hermecz

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In 2014, Leda introduced the 100-mile concept inspired by her trip to Italy. The 100-mile Bakery, which serves over 75 customers daily, marks the first business in Oregon to utilize seasonal foods grown within 100 miles.

Within five years, Leda plans to open a farm and grow her own ingredients for the bakery. Leda is determined to provide a unique take on food in hopes to inspire the community to source locally. Leda claims, “The Willamette Valley has the most amazing vegetable growers in the nation and because we can source locally it feels necessary to show people.”


100 Mile Bakery
Phone: 541.603.6354
Email: [email protected]

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