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Candace and Patrick talk about the realities of being in business at The Practical Herbalist and elsewhere. They share their thoughts on affiliate programs, setting goals for the upcoming year, and the importance of connecting with other business owners. They also mention a few upcoming changes for the Herbal Nerd Society and The Practical Herbalist. 

  • Goals and Planning
  • Year-end Review and Where We’ve Been
  • Finding Accountability Partners
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • HNS Special Coming Soon
Yolanda Joy smiling and holding a cup of tea

Yolanda Joy. Found of Herbal Entrepreneur

Yolanda grew up in Australia and has always had a passion for nature and brewing up various concoctions from the plants and environment around her. Since moving to the Italian “Alpenini” her passion for nature and the plants around her intensified and she’s enjoying discovering the native flora and how to help the people in her community. 

She dreams of creating her own thriving herbal practice and is working towards this with the help of the ever-growing Herbal Entrepreneur community. The mission of Herbal Entrepreneur is to bring together the best herbalists from all over the world so that we can learn from each other and truly excel in the new current business environment. 

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