Rose Geranium Magic: Love Magick at its Best

Rose Geranium Magick: Love Magic at its Best by Rhea Humann

Roses are known all around the world as a symbol of love. They’ve got a reputation for being the perfect gift for special occasions. But did you know that it is not just the literal members of the rose family that have the association with deep affection? Other herbal allies that have the same enchanting scent invoke those same feelings and have similar energy.

Among those familiar flowers, we have peony, jasmine, hibiscus, lavender— but the closest aroma is that of Rose Geranium.

Rose Geranium is of an entirely different family of perennial blooming plants. Hailing from South Africa and making its way to European perfumers in the early 1700s, it is one of the most widely used plant essences/ essential oils in cosmetics. And for good reason!

When applied to the skin, Rose Geranium has the beautiful ability to work as an anti-aging agent. It tightens up the frown and laugh lines while also fighting inflammation and cleansing the pores of harmful pathogens.

The wonderful thing about using plants for both magic and medicine is the more you work with an herb or a flower, the more in-tune you get with its energy. Perhaps you’ve only heard of rose geranium or noticed its name on the ingredients list of your favorite all-natural facial product–but as you intentionally get to know the plant, your friendly spirit is met by powerful magic.

Mind your Magic: A Warning

If you use Rose Geranium essential oil on your skin, you must use a carrier oil like grapeseed or almond. Essential oils are powerful elixirs that require tempering in order to be helpful, not harmful.

The spiritual complexities of Rose Geranium are so practical and uplifting. Just like an old friend, it reminds you that self-love is the root of all good things.

Aligned with the planet Venus and her goddess counterpart Aphrodite, Rose Geranium encourages you to treat yourself. The scent of Rose Geranium works with your root chakra all the way up to your heart. It’s purposeful and gentle like any lover should be.

Working with Rose Geranium could be as simple as adding it to your essential oil diffuser and saying affirmations of self-love, connection to others, and proclamations of soul-fulfilling work.

But! There is 1 power-packed way that yours truly interacts with the magic and medicine of this incredible ally.

The Venus Self-Love Bath


  • Magnesium salt- to loosen your muscles and bring your spirit to center
  • Flower petals (fresh or dry) – whether these are calendula, rose, lavender, or chamomile, the energy you are channeling is your innate ability to bloom, no matter what
  • Oatmeal– de-stresses your nervous system and soften your skin
  • Sunflower/grapeseed/almond oil – to enhance your interaction with the Rose Geranium
  • Pink candles- to make your spirit pliable and warm
  • Crystals for meditation- flower agate for spiritual growth, rose quartz for self-love, citrine for joy, pink opal for repelling negativity
  • The Empress tarot card- to give you undeniable permission to love yourself
  • AND the star of the show, Rose Geranium essential oil to rid your mind of any ill-gotten narratives surrounding your self-worth, to bolster up compassion for yourself, and to ultimately form a bond of friendship between your body, spirit, and mind.


  1. Run hot, hot water until the tub is half full.
  2. Add all water-safe materials to the tub.
  3. Light your candle and place your tarot card next to it.
  4. Meditate with your crystals for 15 minutes.
  5. Fill the rest of the tub with lukewarm water so it’s safe to immerse yourself.
  6. Close your eyes and let your mind wander.

Some ideas to explore while in the tub:

  • What do I love about myself?
  • How do I want to grow?
  • Who loves me as I am?
  • When do I feel most like myself?
  • Why am I here in this time and place?

If a word or a phrase comes up repeatedly during your soaking time, be sure to write it down. This is what the Rose Geranium wants you to hold with you until the next time you guys hang out.

I really don’t buy into that simple, kitchy saying, “you have to love yourself before you love anyone else.” Truth be told, it’s sometimes the opposite. I find when I can love myself the way I would love my kids, my husband, my sister, my friends–I actually see myself with fresh, kind eyes.

That’s the soft love that Rose Geranium brings. Far too often folks get stuck in “love magic” by way of “how can I make xyz person love me” and that, my friend, is never the goal. The goal is to love yourself and align with the energy of love. Everything else is magnetic from there.

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