Sweet Remedies: Healing Herbal Honeys by Dawn Combs

Sweet Remedies Healing Herbal Honey by Dawn Combs

Best Audience for Sweet Remedies

Frazzled, Frustrated, Moody People and those who love them; Moody Guys and Gals; Parents, Professionals, and Anyone Else who finds life just a little Emotionally Challenging

Candace Said:

Wow! I had a blast learning more about using Honey for making Herbal Remedies at home and for others. Dawn does a terrific job of spooning out the info alongside some seriously tasty recipes that totally tapped into my inner mad-scientist. The whole family loved being test subjects for my Sweet Remedies-inspired experiments.

Sue said:

Sweet Remedies is the kind of book that is guaranteed to get messy. It is so usable and informative that you will refer to it again and again. The recipes, the reference charts, bee-related how-tos are all simply written which makes them accessible. The gentleness and love that author Dawn Combs has for her topic sweetens every line.

Dawn is the proprietor of Mockingbird Meadows, which is dedicated to sustainable bee stewardship. She has transformed her farm into a small scale, handcrafted health product home business that uses organic herbs and bee-friendly by-products. She adores her bees. She goes into detail on how to raise your own for fun, profit or simply to give these vital insects a safe place to live and thrive.

Be warned! After reading this book, you may be left in the situation that I am in: searching my garden for a corner in which I could tuck “maybe just one little hive into.” That’s how it starts, my friends. That’s how all those life passions start.

The Bottom Line

We give Sweet Remedies: Healing Herbal Honeys by Dawn Combs two thumbs up.



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