Treat Athlete’s Foot Naturally


Those who suffer from Athlete’s foot know that burning, itching sensation can simple awful to endure. The good news is, there are a few all-natural solutions to combat athlete’s foot. A cotton swab of Myrrh tincture on the affected area is an excellent place to start. Myrrh will ease the itching and burning while it kills the fungus at the heart of the condition and staves off any secondary bacterial growth or infection that accompanies it.

Pao d’arc bark tea, applied topically and taken internally, can help as well. Pao d’Arco is an South American tree renowned for it’s anti-fungal properties. Tea Tree and Lavender essential oils are another safe and effective option. Check out our simple recipe for athlete’s foot spray.

Couple your treatment of athlete’s foot with good foot hygiene. Scrub out the shower or bath tub and give it a good rinse with 4 thieves vinegar solution or shower stall spray. Add an herbal foot bath with the anti-fungal properties of mugwort or agrimony to your daily routine.  Let your feet air dry thoroughly when you are done. You can also add 3-4 drops of eucalyptus, Tea Tree or Lavender essential oils to your dryer when you dry your socks to help prevent re-infection.

Foot powders are a common suggestion but some are full of chemicals that cause sensitive skin to crack. It is easy to make your own foot powder by adding a few drops of eucalyptus, tea tree or lavender essential oil to corn starch. Keep your corn starch foot powder in a travel body powder container for easy use. Remember that essential oils can evaporate if you leave the container open for too long.

Is your athlete’s foot not responding to care? For more information on more serious cases of athlete’s foot and other herbal suggestions, see the section of first aid treatment of athlete’s foot.

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