Herbal Teas from Your Backyard to Your Teapot

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 Garden Herb Lists

OSU Mini-College Workshop

Sue Sierralupé – Instructor

Weeds as Herbs

DandelionTaraxacum off. – collect roots in fall, flowers and leaves in spring – Detoxification

ChickweedStellaria med. – collect greens in spring – Anti-inflammatory

St. John’s WortHypericum per. – collect flowers and leaves in summer – Repairs nerve damage

Milk Thistle – Silybum mar. – collect seeds in summer – Regenerates liver cells

Elecampane – Inula hel. – collect roots in fall – Cough suppressant

Native Plants as Herbs

YarrowAchillea mil. – collect flowerheads in summer – Anti-bacterial

Oregon GrapeBerberis (Mahonia) spp. – collect roots in fall, flowers in spring, berries in summer – Anti- bacterial

Kinnikinnik – Arctostaphylos uva. – collect leaves in summer – Antiseptic

Western Redcedar – Thuja occ. – collect greens in summer – Anti-fungal

Stinging NettleUrtica dio. – collect leaves in spring – Nutritive

Fruit as Herbs

Wild StrawberryFragaria ves. – collect leaves and fruit in spring – Skin toner

BlueberryVaccinium myr. – collect leaves and fruit in summer – Blood sugar regulator

young applesAppleMalus spp. – collect fruit when ripe – Digestive aid

RaspberryRubus ida. – collect leaves in spring, fruit in summer – Uterine toner

ElderberrySambucus nig. – collect flowers in spring, berries in summer – Immune stimulant

Vegetables as Herbs

Carrot – Daucus car. – collect greens and root in summer – Digestive aid

Burdock/GoboArctium lap. – collect root in fall – Tonic

Artichoke – Cynara sco. – collect leaves in spring – Digestive stimulant

Chili pepper – Capsicum ann. – collect fruit and seeds in summer – Pain relief

Garlic – Allium sat. – collect bulb when ripe – Tonic

Teapot Herbs

Thyme – Thymus off. – collect herb in spring – Expectorant

Ginger – Zingiber off. – collect rhizome in fall – Antibacterial

Mint – Mentha spp. – collect leaves in summer – Digestive

Lemon Balm – Melissa off. – collect leaves in summer – Antiviral

Licorice – Glycyrrhiza gla. – collect roots in fall – Anti-inflammatory

Flower Garden Herbs

Calendula – Calendula off. – collect flowers in summer – Antibacterial

German Chamomile – Matricaria rec. – collect flowers in summer – Nervine

Bergamot/Bee Balm/Oswego Tea – Monarda did. – collect leaves in summer – Antiseptic

valerian flowerValerian – Valeriana off./sit. – collect flowers in summer, roots in fall – Sedative

Sweet Cicely – Myrrhis odo. – collect flowers and leaves in spring, roots and seeds in fall – Digestive

Drought Garden Herbs

Lavender – Lavendula off. – collect flower buds in summer – Antiviral

Rosemary – Rosmarinus off. – collect leaves in summer – Antimicrobial

Sage – Salvia off. – collect leaves in summer – Antiseptic

Yucca – Yucca fil. – collect root in winter – Steroid production

Borage – Borago off. – collect flowering tops in summer – anti-depressant

Trellis Herbs

Hops – Humulus lup. – collect strobiles in fall – Sedative

Grape – Vitis vin. – collect leaves in summer, fruit in fall – Antioxidant

rose bushRose – Rosa species – collect flowers in summer, hips in fall – Nutritive

Passionflower – Passiflora inc. – collect leaves in summer – Sedative

Honeysuckle – Lonicera jap. – collect flowers in summer – Relieves fevers

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