The Modern Herbal Dispensatory by Easley and Horne

Best audience for The Modern Herbal Dispensatory:

Beginning Herbalists and Herbalists who want to expand their Medicine-making skills

Candace said: I loved the Eclectic approach to herbalism. It integrates many thought processes and modalities. In The Modern Herbal Dispensatory, Thomas Easley gives us a wonderful look at how the Eclectic herbalist makes plant medicines in our modern world. He offers sound, practical advice on harvesting; including a grounded understanding of when, why, and how to harvest for the strongest medicinal results; clear instructions on selecting your methods and menstrum with guidance on pairing your choices with your end goals; and explanation on how to formulate your own blends with attention to what you’ve got on-hand as well as what you want to accomplish. He offers a comprehensive herbal material medica to get your started and a selection of formulas to try.

I particularly loved that the formulas were all laid out with notes on the role each herb plays that harken back to the basic formula structure to reinforce what you’ve learned. At its heart, Thomas’s love of teaching comes through brilliantly in The Modern Herbal Dispensatory. I am thrilled to have this one in my personal library!

Sue said: I have been an herbalist for over 30 years and read a lot of herbal medicine making guides. This one is remarkable because it balances the perils of advanced herbal processing with user friendly text. Thomas Easley and Steven Horne are scientists. They delve deeply into the fine details of processing techniques that are daunting to the beginner.

I was encouraged after reading this book to step outside my comfort zone and try new processing techniques. I viewed a few of them as being overly complicated but had very little understanding as to the benefit of the end result. This book walks the reader through a complex world that herbal medicine builds. Easley and Horne do not desert you at any step of the way. They are guides to be trusted.

The bottom line: We give The Modern Herbal Dispensatory by Thomas Easley two thumbs up.

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