Relax with this Simple Eye Pillow


Recycle a faded silk scarf by stitching it into a relaxing, microwavable flax seed eye pillow. Flax seed has long been used in eye pillows in part because of it’s soothing qualities. Add a little scoop of lavender buds and you’ll have a recycled eye pillow with a heavenly scent sure to help your tired, tense muscles loosen while you meditate or rest. Check our recipe for a Dream Pillow Herbal Mix when you are ready for a more complicated eye pillow.

All you have to do is fold the scarf into a rectangle the size that you want and stitch up the sides. It doesn’t matter if it has extra fabric tucked inside. Just make sure that your eye pillow has a big enough hole for pouring in the flax and herbs. Stitch it tightly when you are done.

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