Radical Brewing by Randy Mosher

Radical Brewing by Randy Mosher

Best Audience for Radical Brewing: Intermediate to advanced brewers

Patrick said: The great historical background on so many beers was educational and well-written. Mosher’s recipes include fun, intriguing ingredients alongside all that historical information, which made both brewing and reading a fun experience. Mosher’s Radical Brewing is a must if you want to push your brewing to the next level. 51ACYmrBzOL._SS110_

Candace said: I loved Mosher’s take on brewing, reach back into the pre-hops era of beers, sweep through the ages to the present, and fuse all of that into a set of recipes, stories, and thoughts on the drink that has united so many people. Radical Brewing is radical next to so many of the titles on the shelves today, yet it’s grounded into real, worldly traditions that stretch way back. I loved that Mosher’s recipes came in all-grain and extract versions. They were easy to follow, at least for someone with a bit of experience, and the text was an easy, enjoyable read. Radical Brewing is one book I’ve referenced many times.


The Bottom Line: We give Radical Brewing by Randy Mosher two thumbs up.

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